JT Picks

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    The Tone!

    JT's Serious picks deliver a tone that's full and precise the rich sound of an organic pick lets the instrument project its own sound.

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    The Durability!

    JT's Serious picks are moulded from high-tech materials that can stand up to the constant abrasion from your strings. These picks last!

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    The Feel!

    JT's Serious picks may be strong but they're light and fast to play with. Pick grooves allow you to hold the pick where you like it.

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    New! Banjo Tuner Mount

    JT has come up with a great new product for banjo players! A mount for your Snark tuner.

Serious Pickers

Our picks are designed for the serious picker who prefers a stiff, non-flexible pick to get the sound out of his or her instrument. There are a lot of thin picks out there. We only make 1.1mm-2.0mm thicknesses to get the strong, precise attack that makes guitars and mandolins perform at their highest level.

Light and Fast

JT's picks are made from materials that are light, but strong. They feel different to the touch. They slide over the strings faster with greater punch. We've seen many serious pickers change to JT's picks after trying them just once.

Contoured Edge

We have two picks that feature a rotated, contoured edge to allow for subtle tone control as you change the pick's angle of attack. Modeled after the hand-applied bevel found on the finest tortise shell picks, this bevel lasts for the life of the pick.

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I never thought I'd change my pick. Then, I tried JT Pix. Man! It made me a believer Scott Brooks, Ohio