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The JT Pix Story


I'm Jim Thomas, a long-time bluegrass guitar and banjo player.

In my professional life, I am the owner of Thomas Tool and Mold Co. We are a professional moldmaking shop with over 25 year's experience producing molds for American industry. We also have the capability of producing small runs of injection molded parts, right here in our shop.

I recently got together with a few guitarist pals with the idea of making my own line of picks, for experienced players, using materials that we work with in our industrial applications--materials that are known for their durability, stiffness and light weight characteristics. After deciding on the most desirable features and materials, I designed a series of picks. Then, I made the mold cavities here in our shop and molded a production run of these picks.


I am extremely happy with the results and the positive comments I have been receiving about my picks. Because our picks are designed for the serious player who prefers a fairly heavy pick, all of our picks are 1.1mm to 2mm thick. These picks help you get the most sound out of your instrument. They are naturally stiff and durable. But, they are extremely lightweight too. Unless you've used a stiff, lightweight pick before, it's hard to understand just how nicely they move over the strings.

Mandolin Picks

In our pick research we noticed that most of the finest organic and high-priced mandolin picks are dressed with a beveled edge. Some players spend hours filing and buffing their picks to get this edge which allows for subtle tone changes. So, we recreated the ideal shape in our mold design and the results have been fantastic.

All these picks are all made right here in our plant in Westerville, Ohio by American workers.


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I never thought I'd change my pick. Then, I tried JT Pix. Man! It made me a believer Scott Brooks, Ohio