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Our Shapes

We make 4 styles of picks, each with a unique feel that suits different play styles. All of our picks have a unique tri-lobed recess in the center that molds with your fingertips to help keep the pick in place. All of the picks are available in several plastics, each with it's own character that produces subtle changes in picking feel and tone.

Our Materials

The choice of plastics can get little trickier. A lot of what makes one better than another really comes down to your play style and preferences. To help with your choice, we offer a multi pack of all of the plastics for each of the pick styles.

Your Choice

Choose the shape you prefer and then select the material. Better yet, experiment with a variety of materials and shapes.


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The quest for a durable, stiff pick material that can substitute for the finest tortise shell picks is over. JT's serious Pix use several durable and stiff materials that are also light and easy to play with. They don't degrade in normal use and drop little white flakes over your instrument. And you'll see that our pricing is perfect for the serious picker who wants a small collection of his favorite picks ready and waiting for when he's misplaced a pick.







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I never thought I'd change my pick. Then, I tried JT Pix. Man! It made me a believer Scott Brooks, Ohio