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Recently, we were able to introduce some folks to our picks on the Unofficial Martin Guitar Forum where they send out a batch of picks around the country in their Traveling Pick Pack. The participants try out at least a dozen different brands of picks and then post their opinions on the Forum.

JT's Pix recieved some great reviews against some of the best picks available, including Wegens. You can search the Unofficial Martin Guitar Forum (keyword: traveling picks) to see these reviews and more.

RNJL wrote:

"JT's serious picks. I tried the Red 1.15 triangle and liked it a lot. It was light for its strength, not very clicky, easy to hold onto, and felt easy to use- agile and not clumsy. If these were commercially available and not very expensive I'd use them instead of Claytons I think."

git r jim wrote:

"JT'S SERIOUS PICKS: ...the white ones were really nice. The tone was comparable to my JP (turned to the middle shaped point). I liked the fact that they have (what the maker calls) a rotated edge. There is definitely a change in tone as you change the angle of attack. ... this is a really good pick at a great price."

LongDrive55 wrote:

"Folks, I got the pick pack yesterday. Holy Cr*p there's a lot picks here to try out.......and wow what an effect they all have on tone. My early favorite is the JT's Serious pick 2.1 mandolin pick (white). That thing has gotta be the fastest pick I've ever played (bluegrass crosspicking) and yet it doesn't get dark sounding on the high strings like most picks with a rounded edge. The bevel on that pick is "serious".....lots of tone options by just changing the angle of attack. I've gotta say if you're a crosspicker and you like thick (but fast) picks, this is a pick to check out."

Sheldon Peterson wrote:

I bought a Martin 00-28 retro, and while checking out, your white picks caught my eye in the display case. I took a few home, and like the feel and sound very much. JT's seem to bring out an elusive "liquid-y" character in the guitar, a tone I've been looking for for a long time. They feel "soft" on the string, yet have quick response and even tone with no clicking...

P.S. I was in Nashville last week, where I played some guitars at Artisan Guitars, a beautiful and friendly dealer of Collings, Bourgeois, Santa Cruz, Huff & Dalton, National, etc. I traded one of your picks with Adam, a salesmen there. He got a JT's, and I got a twelve-dollar Papa's pick. I'm not sure who came out ahead on that deal, but now I have one less JT's! I need some more!







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I never thought I'd change my pick. Then, I tried JT Pix. Man! It made me a believer Scott Brooks, Ohio